Course Repetition

Repetition of Courses

No student may attempt the same course more than two times without special approval. The third or any subsequent attempt of the same course requires the approval of the Dean of Student Services or designee. Withdrawal from a course after the erase period will count as an attempt of the course.

This policy does not apply to:

  1. Courses which are identified in the Leeward CC Catalog as repeatable for additional credit. These courses may be repeated up to the maximum number specified.
  2. Courses taken during Summer Session.

If a course is repeated, both the earlier and the subsequent grades earned shall remain on the student’s transcript. In doing a graduation check for an Leeward CC degree or certificate, credit will be allowed only once for a course repeated unless the Catalog course description for that course specifically states that it may be repeated for additional credit(s). If a course description in the Catalog states that a course may be repeated for additional credit but fails to specify the maximum number of credits for which the course may be repeated, the course shall be treated as if it may be repeated only once for additional credit, with the exception of the following music courses:

MUS 103 Guitar Ensemble I
MUS 104 Beginning Jazz Ensemble
MUS 112 Hawaiian Ensemble I
MUS 113 Hawaiian Ensemble II
MUS 114 College Chorus
MUS 201 Vocal Ensemble
MUS 203D Keyboard Ensemble
MUS 203G Guitar Ensemble II
MUS 204 Advanced Jazz Ensemble
MUS 206 Electronic Keyboard Ensemble
MUS 221C Intermediate Piano Class I
MUS 221B Advanced Voice Class
MUS 221H Classic Guitar III
MUS 222C Intermediate Piano Class II
MUS 232 Applied Music

Students who intend to transfer are reminded that many colleges and universities do not permit the substitution of the most recent grades when computing grade point ratios and will compute the grade point ratio according to their own standards.