Campus Committees

Compiled as of January 2021

AA Program Review Committee

Contact: Jeremiah Boydstun
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0338

Description: "Schedule and plan the assessment of the college's general education learning outcomes. Make recommendations and facilitate appropriate activities to ensure that degree programs are meeting the needs of our students."

Membership requirement/eligibility: The Chair of the Program Review Committee must be a Leeward CC faculty member, should have some experience with program review as well as course and/or program assessment, but need not be in the Faculty Senate. Membership of committee itself is composed of broad campus representation that relates to the program.
Currently accepting members? No
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Administrative Support Group (ASG)

Contact: Lani O'Neal
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0665

Description: To provide input and advice regarding campus priorities and to provide a forum to exchange information within our group.

Membership requirement/eligibility: The membership shall include all civil service full-time/part-time white collar employees in the following classifications: account clerks, cashiers, library assistants, library technicians, office assistants, and secretaries. Temporary and emergency hire personnel are invited to participate as a non-voting member.
Currently accepting members? Yes
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Board of Student Communications

Contact: Lexer Chou
Email/Phone:, 455-0248

Description: The BOSC shall act as publisher for all student communications supported, in whole or part, by BOSC funds, and shall ensure that these communications uphold the core values of Leeward CC, support the educational and personal growth of the student population, and encourage student support and involvement in the production of these publications. The BOSC shall be mandated to provide a schedule of publications sensitive to the needs and interests of the entire campus.

Membership requirement/eligibility:

The BOSC shall consist of seven (7) voting members, to be selected as set forth in Article I of the BOSC By-Laws, and a variable number of non-voting associate members.
1. There shall be five (5) faculty/staff members, to include:
a. At least one faculty member from Language Arts (LA).
b. At least one faculty member from Digital Media, TV Production, Career Technical Education and/or Arts and Humanities.
c. Two faculty from any other Academic Division or Support Area (Faculty At-Large).
d. The Marketing Director for Leeward CC.

2. There shall be no more than two (2) student members, to include:
a. One member of the Leeward CC student body-at-large, as recommended by the Faculty members on BOSC.
b. One member of the Leeward CC Student Government.

3. The following individuals shall be afforded non-voting associate membership to the BOSC:
a. The Advisor for each BOSC-supported production.
b. One member of the Leeward CC Administration.
c. The Leeward CC Student Life Coordinator.

B. Terms of Membership
1. All voting members serve a minimum of two consecutive semesters. The term may be extended indefinitely.
2. Should the BOSC deem it in the best interest of the board, any voting or non-voting member may be removed by a majority vote.

C. Eligibility
1. As per Article V, section A: All faculty/staff members must be employed on a full-time basis.
2. All voting student members must meet the following qualifications:
a. Have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 at the time of appointment and maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 for each semester served.
b. Carry at least three (3) credit hours for the duration of appointment.
3. All publication advisors must be active members of the Leeward CC faculty, staff or administration.

Currently accepting members? No
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Book Club

Contact: Kelsie Aguilera and Kelly Kennedy
Email/Phone: and

- To read together and share our thoughts and questions about what we read.
- To relate what we read to our work at Leeward.
- To connect with and learn from each other across disciplines, divisions, and units.

Ultimately, we strive to relate our reading and learning to the students and communities we serve, helping us fulfill the College's mission of working together to nurture and inspire all students."

Membership requirement/eligibility: Anyone who works at Leeward can become a Book Club member!
Currently accepting members? Yes!
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Campus Council

Contact: William Albritton, Chair; Genai Uʻilani Keliʻikuli, Vice Chair; Warren Kawano, Vice Chair.
Email/Phone: William Albritton,, Genai Keliikuli,, Warren Kawano, 455-0252, 454-4717, 455-0345

Description: The Campus Council, established in January 1995, serves as the recommending and advisory body in matters relating to the priorities for the direction of the College, especially in regard to budget planning and resource allocation. Representing a broad cross-section of College constituencies, the Council recommends priorities to the chancellor, vice president for community colleges, and Board of Regents.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Be a chair, vice chair, coordinator, or representative of Academic Services, Administrative Support Group, APT Group, Arts and Humanities Division, Business Division, Senate Chair, Language Arts Division, Lecturer Group, Math and Sciences Division, Pūkoʻa no Nā ʻEwa Council, Kīpuka, Native Hawaiian Center at Puʻuloa, OCEWD, Operations and Maintenance Group, Professional Arts and Technology Division, Social Sciences Division, Student Government, Student Services, or Waiʻanae Moku.
Currently accepting members? Membership changes each year, depending on the chair, vice chair, coordinator, or representative changes.
Comments, additional information: N/A

Commencement Ceremony Committee

Contact: Lexer Chou
Email/Phone:, 455-0248

Description: We oversee the policymaking for Commencement Ceremony

Membership requirement/eligibility: N/A
Currently accepting members? Only from Faculty Senate
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Curriculum Committee

Contact: Petersen Gross
Email/Phone:, 455-0494

Description: Review new, modifications and deletions of all course and programs.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Faculty who are C-2 or higher.
Currently accepting members? Membership appointed by Division Chair.
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Discovery Fair

Contact: Jenny Watada
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0255

Description: Provide educational activities to the community.

Membership requirement/eligibility: None.
Currently accepting members? No.
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Distance Education Committee

Contact: Evelyn Wong and Kelsie Aguilera
Email/Phone: and

Description: As a standing committee of the faculty senate, we support and ensure quality distance education at Leeward Community College.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Appointment by division chair and/or invitation. One representation from each division.
Currently accepting members? No.
Comments, additional information:

Ethical Issues (E) Focus Board

Contact: Eiko Kosasa
Email/Phone:, 455-0367

Description: To review faculty applications to apply for E Focus. E Focus Board is a subcommittee of FS' General Education Standing Committee

Membership requirement/eligibility: Faculty member
Currently accepting members? No, not at this time
Comments, additional information: See Leeward website.

Faculty Senate

Contact: Michael Oishi
Email/Phone:, (808) 455-0628

Description: To review, recommend, and advise on matters of academic policy that affect the college.

Membership requirement/eligibility: All faculty rank C-2 or higher; all lecturers teaching 8 teaching equivalencies.
Currently accepting members? Yes
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Faculty Senate Assessment Committee

Contact: Michele Mahi
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0337

Description: Review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate on policies and procedures relating to assessment. Work with the Administration and the Office of Planning, Policy, and Assessment (OPPA) to facilitate the assessment process and establish a culture of assessment.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Faculty and Staff interested in assessment.
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:

Global Studies Committee

Contact: Abdul Karim Khan
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0358

Description: Global Studies Committee takes care of the Global Studies Lecture Series, and Global Studies Certificate Program.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Any part time or full time faculty and staff can become member of the Global Studies Committee.
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: Please let us know if you or any colleague would be interested in giving a presentation on any foreign country or culture or any issue of global significance.

Hawaiʻi Asian and Pacific Issues (H) Focus Designation Committee

Contact: Kaleʻa Silva
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0397

Description: The H Focus requirements identify important skills and discourses necessary for living and working in diverse communities, such as Hawaiʻi. The Focus requirements can be satisfied through major courses and Diversification courses. All courses identified as HAP in the Leeward CC Schedule of Classes and MyUH will transfer as satisfying the UHM HAP Focus requirement. Our committee reviews and approves, or makes recommendations to applications for H Designation biannually.

Membership requirement/eligibility: tba
Currently accepting members? Not currently seeking new members.
Comments, additional information:

Health and Wellness Committee

Contact: Cara Chang and Kelsie Aguilera
Email/Phone: and

Description: The Leeward Wellness Committee strives to create a work/life balance by improving positive well-being through educational activities and information for individuals and groups. Visit the Wellness Group website for more information.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Anyone can join!
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: We also have an email address,

Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

Contact: James Ogg
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0315

Description: The committee assist the coordinator of the Innovation Center in implementing initiatives, distribution of funds to fac/staff for professional development, and providing advice on new initiatives.

Membership requirement/eligibility: All members of the LCC ohana can be on the committee. This includes faculty, staff, administration, clerical, O&M, and student representative.
Currently accepting members? Any interested member of the Leeward is welcome to inquire about joining the committee.
Comments, additional information:

Instructor Working Group (Wai'anae Moku)

Contact: Meredith Lee and Gregg Longanecker
Email/Phone:,, Gregg Longanecker 454-4718

Description: To help address student and faculty concerns regarding online and hybrid classes during COVID-19 (Fall 2020 & Spring 2021), to better prepare faculty and students for continued online and hybrid classes in Spring 2021.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Any faculty or staff member at Wai'anae Moku
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: Meetings are every other Friday, 12:00-1:30pm, starting Oct 23, 2020.

Language Assistance Committee

Contact: Kelly Kennedy

Description: To support the College in serving English learners; to provide language assistance to new and prospective students who have limited English proficiency; to offer training and volunteer opportunities for faculty/staff language ambassadors

Membership requirement/eligibility: To become a language ambassador, complete a training workshop and have native or near-native fluency in a language other than English
Currently accepting members? Yes, accepting new members as language ambassadors
Comments, additional information: Michelle Igarashi and Leanne Riseley are the co-chairs of this committee. Active members are Aya Hara-Joesting, Samantha Hume, and Kelly Kennedy.

Lecturer Mentor Group

Contact: Sharolyn Pastor

Description: Members of the Lecturers' Group discuss common issues and concerns and provide input for professional development needs of lecturers at Leeward CC. This group provides a means for lecturers to participate in campus governance on the Faculty Senate as well as the Campus Council.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Teaching at least 8 TEs or more per semester.
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:

Leeward CC Faculty Senate Academic and Institutional Support (AIS) Committee

Contact: Sania Fa'amaile Betty Ickes, Chair
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0257

Description: The purpose of AIS committee is to make sure the campus buildings, facilities, and equipment are fully functional with acceptable standards and accessible to faculty and staff for use during the academic year.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Recommended by Division Chair/Program Chair
Currently accepting members? Am looking to have membership from student body.
Comments, additional information: none

Leeward CC OER Committee

Contact: Rachael Inake and Junie Hayashi
Email/Phone: and, 455-0677 and 455-0680

Description: The Leeward CC Open Educational Resources (OER) Committee will promote awareness, develop recommendations, guidelines, and standards for the integration and sustainability of OER across the curriculum. The committee will work toward meeting the OER Project Initiative commitment of "eliminating barriers to quality higher education through the adoption of open education practices."

Membership requirement/eligibility: Our committee strives to get representation from all divisions and recommends a three-year rotation.
Currently accepting members? No
Comments, additional information:

Leeward Community College Pamantasan Committee

Contact: Allan Nebrija, Leon Florendo
Email/Phone:,, 808-455-0405, 808-455-0707

Description: We together sustain and strengthen the commitment to the advancement of Filipinos/Filipinas/Filipinx in higher education. We coordinate events that promote awareness of Filipinos/Filipinas/Filipinx including Filipino American History Month, Fil-Grad.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Open membership to anyone
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:

Leeward Hui 'Ohana

Contact: Nicole Keim-Fortuno
Email/Phone:, (808) 455-0432
Visit Website

Description: Leeward Hui 'Ohana is a group of faculty established in Fall 2019 committed to advocating for and supporting the unique needs of students who are also parents and/or caring for family members. Leeward Hui 'Ohana offers resources such as support group meetings, parenting and family workshops, free diapers, wipes, gently used clothing, books, and toys, and connection to other campus and community resources for essential needs in order to be successful in college.

Membership requirement/eligibility: No requirement to join!
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: For more information, please contact any of our members: Ashely Biddle (, Corey Adler (, Nicole Keim-Fortuno (, Kelly Kennedy (, Kenisha Strong-Ruiz (

Legislative Relations

Contact: Erika Molyneux

Description: Apprise Faculty Senate of activities at the Legislature that will impact the mission of Leeward CC.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Leeward CC faculty
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: If you're motivated to inform yourself and others of local political and legislative issues affecting our school, this committee is for you!

Love Pono

Contact: Lexer Chou
Email/Phone:, 455-0248

Description: Love Pono's mission is "to provide a safe environment to help the Leeward Community College community build and maintain healthy relationships through education, intervention, campus and community resources, and counseling."

Membership requirement/eligibility: It's helpful to have some experience with violence prevention
Currently accepting members? Yes always
Comments, additional information:

Observatory Committee

Contact: Kakkala "Mohan" Mohanan (chair), William Albritton (secretary)
Email/Phone:,, x442, x252

Description: To maintain, prepare, and promote the observatory to be used for teaching, research, and community outreach.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Breathing...
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: We need people to actively participate in the following activities: (1) learn how to open up and use the observatory equipment, (2) write a grant, asking for student help, an observatory manager (similar to a lab manager), and/or equipment, (3) create some new classes and maybe a certificate based on the observatory. Ideally, we would like to see the observatory be used for classes/labs and research projects every late afternoon and evening during the week, similar to how the labs are run.

Oral Communication Focus Board

Contact: Michele Mahi
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0337

Description: The OC Focus Board is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for new OC courses and proposals for the renewal of existing OC courses.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Instructional faculty
Currently accepting members? No
Comments, additional information:

PALs (Parents at Leeward)

Contact: Cara Chang and Ashley Biddle

Description: This support group is a subset of the Health and Wellness Committee. The goal is to support faculty and staff with children. Meetings are informal (both synchronous and asynchronous) in nature and consist of sharing the triumphs and challenges of working while raising children.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Any faculty or staff with children
Currently accepting members? Yes, we are an open support group.
Comments, additional information:

Pūkoʻa no nā ʻEwa Council

Contact: Genai Uʻilani Keliʻikuli, Chair
Email/Phone:, (808) 454-4717 [office]

Description: Grounded in Hawaiian values, the mission of Nā ʻEwa is to provide advocacy, leadership, and support for Native Hawaiians through higher education.

Membership requirement/eligibility: All faculty, staff, and students at Leeward Community College are eligible for membership. Members are of Hawaiian ancestry, have voting rights, and may hold office. Consultants are those who support our vision and mission but do not have voting rights nor may hold office.
Currently accepting members? Always
Comments, additional information:

Service Committee

Contact: Tina Lee
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0348

Description: To identify the needs for service in our Leeward community and find meaningful ways to fulfill those needs through service projects and volunteer opportunities.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Membership for the Service Committee is open to all members of Leeward Community College. Members must participate in a minimum of one other service project or community event per semester.
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: N/A

Social Justice League

Contact: Syreeta Washington
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0221

Description: The Social Justice Committee aims to provide a professional development opportunity that is in line with Leeward's core values as it relates to diversity and respect (Kākoʻo a Hōʻihi i nā kānaka like ʻole) and community (Kaiāulu). It also relates to ICTL's Goal #1 to "build community as a catalyst for progress." Our intention is to educate and build awareness, especially on diversity and equity issues. This is not an activist nor a political group, but rather, a professional development opportunity that will bring individuals together to heighten awareness of current and historical events and how knowledge and understanding of these events can impact teaching and learning.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Any Leeward staff member can join
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information: "Social justice" is a commonly used academic term and one of the goals of higher education. One NASW definition is: "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities." Education is the ultimate equalizer in terms of that and this committee can help build awareness.

Student Affairs Committee

Contact: John Signor
Email/Phone:, (808) 455-0212

Description: The Student Affairs Committee functions as part of the Faculty Senate, and deals with campus issues that directly affect the student body.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Rank or C-2 or above.
Currently accepting members? No
Comments, additional information: I co-chair of this committee with Summer Barrett.

Sustainability Committee

Contact: Natalie Wahl
Email/Phone:, 455-0673

Description: Leeward Community College's Sustainability Committee is comprised of students, staff, and faculty members dedicated to fostering a more sustainable campus and community through education, activities, and initiatives.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Leeward CC students, staff, and faculty
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:

Sustainability Designation Committee (S-Designation)

Contact: Daniela Elliott
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0398

Description: The goal of the S (Sustainability)- designation is to ensure that higher education remains relevant in the context of an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world. There is an increased need to understand and convey in our courses the impacts we have on the environment, climate change and resilience and come up with ways to repair, restore and regenerate the biological systems that human activity has compromised. The incorporation of sustainability into curricula across disciplines will provide knowledge and skills that will be needed in an uncertain future. This aligns with Leeward's mission: "We foster students to become responsible global citizens locally, nationally, and internationally."

This committee focuses on approving S-Focused courses. S-Focused (SF) courses focus primarily on sustainability from within a given academic discipline and/or the course will examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens. The S-Designation is a special designation and not a general education or focus requirement.

Membership requirement/eligibility: N/A
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:


Contact: Frances Won

Description: Provide various professional development workshops for faculty.

Membership requirement/eligibility: None
Currently accepting members? Yes
Comments, additional information:

The Integrated Student Support Task Force

Contact: Michelle Igarashi
Email/Phone:, 455-0236

Description: The Integrated Student Support Task Force (ISS) identifies barriers to student success and then locates, evaluates, implements and/or creates services to help overcome these roadblocks. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the team's focus was on part-time students. Tasked with establishing long-term strategies, the committee voted to suspend activity during COVID-19.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Representatives from a cross-section of campus personnel including administration, OPPA, faculty, academic and student services
Currently accepting members? No
Comments, additional information:

UH Urgent Relief Fund

Contact: Lexer Chou
Email/Phone:, 455-0248

Description: We review the UH Urgent Relief fund applications

Membership requirement/eligibility: Need access to banner
Currently accepting members? No
Comments, additional information:

Welcome Committee

Contact: Junie Hayashi
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0680

Description: The Welcome Committee relies on faculty and staff volunteers to answer students' questions, direct them to available resources, and welcome them to the campus on the first two days of every semester.

Membership requirement/eligibility: No requirements, everyone is eligible
Currently accepting members? We accept volunteers for the first two days of every semester.
Comments, additional information: Please let me know if you need more information.

Writing Intensive Focus Board

Contact: Brandi Reyes
Email/Phone:, 808-455-0200

Description: The Writing-Intensive Focus Board is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for new writing-intensive courses and the renewal of existing writing-intensive courses. Proposal forms and course syllabi are reviewed by the Board to ensure compliance with the Leeward CC Hallmarks of Writing-Intensive Courses:

The board is also responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the writing-intensive program, as well as coordinating workshops and other campus events that promote writing-intensive course development, writing across the curriculum, and the appreciation of writing.

Membership requirement/eligibility: Course-based WI courses must have a coordinator serving on the Board. Faculty interested in the writing-intensive program may inquire about membership.
Currently accepting members? Interested faculty may inquire about membership.
Comments, additional information:

If you have a committee you'd like to add, please contact Erin Thompson,, 455-0483.